Golden Biz 4 U

New work at home book for 2015 that has a compiled list of even more companies that you can apply to online. This books discusses common myths about working from home, Jobs for felons, how teens can earn money from home, examples of work at home scams, payment proofs, and other ways to earn money from home. This book is idea for anyone who wants to stay home and earn money from their computer. 
This is the latest book that contains a list of over 200 companies that hire and pay people to work from their home office, some of which do not require any experience to get started. It lists the job description, the name of the company, and the pay (if it has been disclosed). There are also side gigs and tasks that you can do from home right now to earn extra money! There are even tips to help you land and keep a work at home job.  
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