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New work at home book for 2014 that has a compiled list of even more companies that you can apply to online. This books discusses common myths about working from home, Jobs for felons, how teens can earn money from home, examples of work at home scams, payment proofs, and other ways to earn money from home. This book is idea for anyone who wants to stay home and earn money from their computer. 
This is the latest book that contains a list of over 200 companies that hire and pay people to work from their home office, some of which do not require any experience to get started. It lists the job description, the name of the company, and the pay (if it has been disclosed). There are also side gigs and tasks that you can do from home right now to earn extra money! There are even tips to help you land and keep a work at home job.  

Live and Work on YOUR Schedule
Wouldn’t it be nice to set your own schedule? Do you work better in the evenings or after your kids go to bed? There are many companies listed in this book that will accommodate that schedule because their customers are international. The work-from-home workforce is global and can accommodate your lifestyle and family life far better than any 9-5 job.

Make Money Online - 97 Real Companies That Pay You To Work In Your Pajamas is a treasure trove of resources for anyone at any age who is looking for ways to start making more income without giving up an existing job or college study. These companies will hire you as an employee or independent contractor to work full-time or part-time from the comfort of your home and even in your pajamas, if you wish.

If you are unemployed or underemployed this concise guide will show you more than 97 ways to start making money online immediately with your computer and an internet connection.

Companies You Know
These are trustworthy companies you've heard of, like American Express, U-haul and Amazon. Connie Brentford also gives tips on how to avoid the plethora of scams that exist in the work-at-home marketplace.

Each of the job categories in the book is explained so you know the basics of what the job requires before you apply with any of the companies. Some of the companies have extensive benefit packages and hire you on as a part-time or full-time employee. Others contract with you as a private contractor for a specific type of work over a specific length of time. Either way, you’re working from home and taking control of your own schedule and your own life.

Table of Contents
- The Benefits of Working From Home
- Your Work At Home Strategy
- Call Center Work
- Google Rater Jobs
- Online Transcription Work
- Online Tutors
- Writing For Pay
- Bookkeeping/Accounting/Tax Preparation
- Administrative Assistant
- Medical Insurance/Coding
- Short-Term Work or Micro-work Jobs
- Job Searching Beyond This Book
- Money Matters, Taxes and the Independent Contractor
- Avoiding Scams
- Companies That Pay International Workers
- 5 Fun Bonus Jobs That Still Earn You Money
- Skills You Need For Launching Your Own Work From Home Business

This ebook with 102 work-from-home job opportunities was written and priced for anyone who needs access to real companies that pay you to work from the comfort of your home.

The economy is changing at an incredible rate and while many jobs are disappearing or being downsized, a world of new opportunities is exploding.

Make Money Online - 97 Real Companies That Pay You To Work In Your Pajamas shows you exactly, in step by step detail, how to start making good money from home with proven companies providing proven jobs, many of which offer paid vacation and extensive benefit packages for their employees.

Are you looking for that elusive work from home opportunity to fit in with your crazy schedule? Do you have certain restrictions in your life that make a work from home job the only type of position you can commit to? Does your current career just reek of monotony and boredom and want to find something more up your alley?

In this Volume 2 guide, I'll reveal 108 more exciting, relevant, and can't miss money making ideas spread across 23 distinct categories with hundreds of additional resources to whet your appetite and increase your chances at growing your income substantially.

This eBook picks up where the Volume 1 eBook, 192 Ways to Make Money Fast: Your Ultimate Resource of Online and Offline Money Making Ideas, left off. More ideas, more opportunities, more excitement!

More and more companies are pursuing labor over the Internet to fill jobs -- it's cheaper for them and they don't have the overhead of a full-time employee. This gives people who desire a flexible job to find a position that works into their hectic, and often, inconsistent schedule.

Make no mistake, this isn’t your Grandma’s money-making ideas eBook. This is the REAL DEAL.

If you’re currently a stay-at-home parent, disabled, demand flexibility, recently laid off, bored or looking to broaden your horizons and start a new path in your life, this eBook will give you more ideas than you ever imagined possible.

In this guide, "108 More Ways to Make Money Fast Volume 2: Your Ultimate Resource of Online and Offline Money Making Ideas," you'll find a slew of ideas that you can start implementing IMMEDIATELY, leading to increased earnings and exciting future prospects.

Specifically, you'll discover:

Work From Home Job Boards
Test Scoring
Chat and Email Based Customer Service
Data Entry
University Research
Online Research
Courthouse Research
Earn More With Your Smartphone Apps
Well Paid Seasonal Positions
Musical Ambition
Writing for Magazines
Essay Writing
Writing to Help Others
Earn Money by Lowering Your Costs
Sales Executive
Event Promotion and Brand Ambassadors
Forum Posting
Crafting and Assembly
Starting a Much-Needed Service
Medical Field Roles
Health and Medical Sources of Income
Miscellaneous Ideas