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 The Top 25 Best Free Money 
Programs Uncle Sam Is Giving Away

1) Help Paying Your Student Loans ( Income Limit: None )
2) Up To $8,000 To Train For A New Job ( Income Limit: None )
3) Free Help Paying Your Bills, Rent, or Mortgage ( Income Limit: None )
4) Free Or Cheap Health Insurance For Kids ( Income Limit: $45,000 /family of 4 )
5) $2,000 From Missing Deposits or Unclaimed Money ( Income Limit: None )
6) Free Phones And Cell Phones ( Income Limit: $30,173 /family of 4 )
7) Free Treatment By The Best Doctors In The World ( Income Limit: None )
8) $6,000 To Pay For Groceries ( Income Limit: $28,668 /family of 4 )
9) Free Or Cheap Care For Seniors ( Income Limit: Varies )
10) An Extra $5,871 For Your Family ( Income Limit: $48,362 )
11) $6,500 To Weatherize Your Home ( Income Limit: $44,700 /family of 4 )
12) 350 Colleges Where Seniors Can Attend For Free ( Income Limit: None )
13) Free/Cheap Health Care at 8,000 Centers ( Income Limit: Varies )
14) Free Prescription Drugs ( Income Limit: Varies By Company )
15) Cash, Child Care, Transportation, Health Care & Job Training ( Income Limit: Very Low )
16) $1,156 In Extra Spending Money For Seniors ( Income Limit: up to $12,576 /yr for a single and $16,872 /yr for a couple )
17) $$$ To Pay Heating And Cooling Bills ( Income Limit: up to $33,525 for a family of 4 )
18) Get Free Child Support Enforcement ( Income Limit: None )
19) $568 Million In Child Support Money Waiting For You To Claim ( Income Limit: None )
20) $400/wk When You're Out of Work ( Income Limit: None )
21) $230/Mo Commuting Money ( Income Limit: None )
22) Free Vet Services For Fido and Oscar ( Income Limit: Varies )
23) $1200 Food Vouchers For Women & Children ( Income Limit: $41,348 family of 4 )
24) $10,000 For Down Payments and Closing Costs ( Income Limit: $56,000+ )
25) Get Up To $8,920 To Pay For Health Care (Income Limit: $90,000)
26) Free Help To Start a Business, Write A Plan, Protect Your Invention ( Income Limit: None )
I know....I listed 26. But there are over 17,000 government programs and it is just so hard to choose the best.
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